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PID with Ringo (and other things)

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:44 pm
by mikasami
I've been experimenting with Ringo this weekend and you might be interested in some of the things i've done.

1. Ringo inside a fence - ringo does a random dance but inside a fence. ... ceTest.ino

2.PID- Ringo resists rotation (based on some zumo sample codes) ... lolu-3.ino

3. PID - Ringo resists deviating from driving in a straight line (based on some zumo sample codes) ... lolu-4.ino

4. PID - Ringo faces a target angle and resists any rotation from facing a target angle. (based on some zumo sample codes) ... lolu-5.ino

5. Ringo Simple Library Test - testing the functions for objects I made for ringo ... goTest.ino