[Solved] Problem with my Wink

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[Solved] Problem with my Wink

Postby MadLing » Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:24 am


I am working with a Mac running El Capitan. I have installed the latest Mac FTDI driver (v2.3), Arduino (v1.6.7) and Ringo library (Rev01-01).

Steps taken
1. Power on my Wink, the 2 eyes are lit up with blue lights
2. Start Arduino, connect the cable and ensured the serial port is connected.
3. Open the Ringo_PreLoaded_Behaviors_Rev06_01 files and click upload
4. Compiling sketch, uploading and finally done uploading appears, with no error messages
5. Wink's eyes are still blue and nothing happens when pressing any buttons on the Plum Geek remote. (batteries on remote are changed too)

Please advise

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Re: Problem with my Wink

Postby wclift » Thu Feb 11, 2016 4:32 pm

Caveat - I'm new to Arduino, but I've been playing with Wink for the last couple of days.

I believe your issue is that you are trying to run Ringo preloaded demo on the Wink. I believe there is a small confusion being caused because Wink is new and the current usage instructions refer alot to commonalities with Ringo. Much of the software setup refers to Ringo instructions, because many steps are the same. Install the ArduinoIDE. Then you are instructed to download the Ringo hardware libraries and copy them to your "arduino/libraries" folder, because Ringo/Wink share some of that set of libraries. However, this is where the instructions should diverge, and that's not quite clear.

If you return to the Wink page, you will see these instructions:
Here are links to the lesson plans, and example code.
Wink Base Sketch and Demo Behaviors
Wink Lesson Plans 1-5
Wink Lesson Plan Companion Code

This is where you need to start following the Wink instructions. Download the Wink Base Sketch and Demo Behaviors file and unzip it. You will see several sketches for use on WINK. Copy them to your arduino folder and restart the IDE. Now, open the "Wink_PreLoadedDemo_Rev01" sketch. This is the software that came preloaded on your Wink. If you compile and upload this to Wink, it will work. you can tweak the demo to your liking, or you can open the Wink Base Sketch and start your own sketch. Download the Companion Code for Wink Lessons and you are ready to start learning.

Bottom line, the Ringo and Wink have subtle differences in the actual hardware on the device. They share some "Hardware Libraries", but not all sketches are compatible on both. It's likely that the Ringo Demo sketch is not compatible with Wink device (I didn't try it). So, try the Wink Demo sketch and you should have good success. (And don't forget to turn Wink ON before uploading! There is a small power indicator light right next to the power button that will remain on.)

Good Luck,

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Re: Problem with my Wink

Postby MadLing » Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:42 pm

Yes, Wayne. You are right. I used the Ringo libraries instead of Wink. The website was slightly confusing as it brought me to the Ringo page when downloading the initial setup. Anyway, things are good now. Thanks again for your pointers!


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