Wink/Ringo on MacOS Sierra

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Wink/Ringo on MacOS Sierra

Postby Kevin » Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:13 pm

Hey all. I wanted to pass along some feedback I received from someone using Mac OS Sierra. Apparently the FTDI driver (the driver for the programming adapter) isn't required on Sierra, and installing the driver may cause the port to not show up. He was able to verify the programmer is plug and play (no driver required) on Sierra.

If the driver has been installed, here is what he did to remove the driver. After which (and a reboot) the port showed up as expected. Here is the email from the other user in case anyone else runs into this:

I have verified on my iMac, my MacBook Pro late 2016, and my coworkers MacBook Pro non-retina all running macOS Sierra it was simply plug in play if the drivers were not manually installed.

Removing the drivers if the user installed them as explained in the PDF instructions currently on the website, namely:

Script started on Tue Jan 31 11:06:41 2017
bash-3.2$ cd /Library/Extensions/
bash-3.2$ sudo rm -r FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext/
bash-3.2$ exit

Followed by a reboot, if there are other FTDI*.kext in that folder they should be removed as well.
After that the wink should be visible again.

There is also a thread on the official Arduino website about the same thing:

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