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Ringo Base Sketch posted!

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:11 am
by Kevin
Okay here we go!!

We've just posted up a revised version of the Ringo guide and some code. It's 11pm now and I've been at the shop since about 5am working on this, so the guide probably still has a few errors in it. The words were starting to walk around the page on their own - I'm taking that as a clue that it's time for rest. :)

If you're just getting started, please FIRST visit and follow the 3 steps posted to install the driver for Ringo's programmer, the Arduino IDE software, and the Ringo libraries. Once those items are taken care of, you can start playing.

Get the Ringo guide here: (and keep watching this page as we update it this week - still need to add some new sections and complete others)

On that page you can also get the companion code that goes along with the guide, and most important.... get the latest version of the "Base Sketch". Use the Base_Sketch as a basis for writing your own code. It's already got all the most up to date back-end functions in the tabs. We're really happy with the back-end functions. Dustin was able to really clean them up nice over the past few days.

Finally.... the "10 example behaviors" should be together mid this week. These will be mostly behaviors from the Kickstarter video. Just need to port them over to work with the most recent version of back-end functions.

Within a week or so we should have the libraries and examples all organized in a neat folder that you can drop right into your Arduino folder. We're putting it out as we have it so everyone can start doing something right away as their Ringos arrive.


Re: Ringo Base Sketch posted!

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 6:11 pm
by talasinski
I have managed to get the current examples to work. I am running a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.10.4
There were several pitfalls which others might learn from.

1. Despite the warning, I managed to connect the ribbon to only the top layer of pins on the Ringo. It is a tight fit.
2. I carefully read about the red stripe and how to connect the the Ringo and the programer. Alas I managed to connect the wrong way! This happened while I was having other problems. Fortunately neither 1. nor 2. affected the Ringo.
3. I had lots of problems getting a proper port. This could have been due to a poor or marginal cable.
4. At first neither Arduino 1.0.6 nor the latest 1.6.5 seemed to work. However, after loading fresh copies and a better cable, I found that both version work.

Re: Ringo Base Sketch posted!

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 6:58 pm
by Kevin

Thanks for the feedback. Hooking up the cable to only the top row of pins or hooking it up reversed won't cause any long term problems so no worries there.


Re: Ringo Base Sketch posted!

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:08 pm
by Quinten1333
Hello kevin

I've been doing the guide for a while and when i came at the light sensor part i notesed that my ringo just printed strange sighs like: äėê'+êè I searched the internet and found out you need to open the serial port with an specific bits per second. The standard amound is 9600 bps otherwise you need to change it in your serialmonitor
Here is the code to fix it:
setup() {
// open the serial port at 9600 bps:

Best regards Quinten
Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understood it

Re: Ringo Base Sketch posted!

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:07 pm
by Kevin

Ringo initializes his serial speed at 57600 baud. I realized after your post that this is not called out in the guide. I'll have to add that.

If you select at the bottom of the Arduino Serial Monitor - bottom right, you can select a new baud rate. Select 57600 and you'll get clean data.

9600 is standard, but 57600 works great and minimizes time required to send serial data during debugging.

Re: Ringo Base Sketch posted!

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:18 am
by Quinten1333
hello kevin(again)

after ive been going troug the ringohardware tap
i saw that with hardware begin you already call

Code: Select all

but you dont say in your guide that you need to put your monitor at 57000 baud

hope i helped


Re: Ringo Base Sketch posted!

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:12 am
by JimSVMI83
I've got it up and running at first I had one of the faulty Arduino boards. But tonight at 11 I've finally got it up and running very cool. I cannot switch between modes with the remote. I have to reset the little rascal then it will accept a new behavior is this correct?


Re: Ringo Base Sketch posted!

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:50 am
by Quinten1333

yes this is correct it only checks at the begining and when you push a button for the second time it wont even receive it becous it istn't waiting to receive something
you can afcourse program this in to your robot.
what i would do is put the switch case in a function(if you open the file your going to upload you will see thare is an enormous switch case)

Code: Select all

void checkbehavour
then copy the switch case here
if code from remote = received

and then you need to put this function in every behavior in the behavior sketch/file.
dont forget to call

Code: Select all

  RxIRRestart(4);         //wait for 4 byte IR remote command

after a code from the remote has been received otherwise it won't look for a code.

I'm not completely shure this works.
I hope helped you in the good direction

sorry for my bad english