Updated RingoHardware and some new examples

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Updated RingoHardware and some new examples

Postby DustinSoodak » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:00 pm

RingoHardware updated from version 1.1 to 1.2
You can get it at https://github.com/dsoodak/Ringo
Main changes are in "LookForEdge()", though there are also a few new examples for IR and one for gyroscope.
The original edge detection algorithm was optimized for the hardware of the prototype units and took advantage of a trick that doesn't work anymore due to increased filtering of the edge sensor voltages. I've tested the new version on a variety of surfaces around my house and it seems to work pretty well with the default constants.
The new algorithm averages over a time period equal to STABILIZATION_TIME_DEFAULT so that it won't think there is an edge if running over a material such as concrete which has gradual changes in reflectivity of infra-red (IR) light (the old version didn't keep the averaging time constant when you called LookForEdge() more often).
Load the new example AdvancedExamples\Ringo_LightSensorsEdgeCalibrate and it will start in a mode where the LEDs above each edge sensor flash red to indicate an edge or black tape, and green to indicate a suddenly more reflective (or closer) surface (see the sketch's instructions for more advanced options).

Dustin Soodak

p.s. I originally made about 50 numbered examples for the prototype units, though many were thrown together really fast (or were just made for filming the kickstarter video or for experimenting with how far the hardware could be pushed).
I'll make updated & documented versions of the more interesting ones as time permits.

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