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Code Share - Read Me!

Postby Kevin » Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:21 pm

Hello everyone! The Code Share topic is a place to share code and build on code from others. We hope this topic will become a large collaborative group effort to create interesting behaviors for Ringo. We will begin posting some of the shared behaviors on our main website for others to download.

Because the Ringo hardware is identical between units, the code written by one person should work exactly the same on all Ringo robots.

When sharing code, the best practice is to zip up the project folder created for your given behavior example. This folder has the same name as your main sketch, and includes the various required supporting files. You may post the zip file as an attachment to your post. You are also encouraged to post links to videos of the behavior if possible.

To use shared behaviors, just download the zip, extract the folder and place that folder in the folder containing your other sketches. You can then open the example from within the Arduino IDE environment and load it straight onto your own Ringo bots.

We look forward to what you all come up with!!

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