Wink Robot

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Wink Robot

Postby wbohmann » Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:32 pm

I received my Wink Robot today. So far, no problems setting up with Arduino IDE and adding the Ringo_PreLoaded_Behaviors package. Took me a bit to find the power button on the Wink though.

My question is with regard to the remote. Mine appears to be non-responsive. I removed the battery protector and installed the battery. My Wink robot is on. When I click on the remote, I don't see the light at the top of the remote light up (should it?). I tested the battery and it is fresh.
Do I need to hold the power on the remote for awhile? Should I see a light. What obvious thing am I missing?

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Re: Wink Robot

Postby wbohmann » Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:03 pm

I found a solution from a post titled "unreliable remote"

Response that worked:
"We've just posted yesterday and update to the Pre-Loaded behaviors and also the Base Sketch which significantly improves the remote functionality. Some units were really hit and miss and others worked fine. I finally tracked it down to the way the code was re-enabling interrupts when a packet was received. In theory the change I made shouldn't have had any real effect, though it did seem to make those robots much improved in reception.

Here's the link to the Kickstarter update we posted with the new links: ... ts/1453953"

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Re: Wink Robot - still unresponsive

Postby wbohmann » Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:09 pm

Replying to my own reply:
Update - after running the updated software I was able to get the Wink to blink and dance while still connected to the serial cable.
After disconnecting, I was not able to reactivate the Wink again. Power was on, lights were on (both solid blue) but nothing else happened and no remote response.

I tried reloading the behaviors again, multiple times and was not able to recreate that one magical moment.
Any advice or support - Thank you-

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Re: Wink Robot

Postby sil » Mon Feb 01, 2016 4:10 am

This reply is from my memory, i dont have my dev machine and ringo at hand to test:

First upload the current demo behaviours, rev06 i believe. Look at the code and make sure its the one with ten checks for the remote to decide on behaviours, this is to make sure you're uploading the right code. Make sure the upload process works, the arduino software outputs a log and you should see it ouput a progress line of ##### as it writes and then again as it reads back from ringo to verify it worked. Turn off your ringo and unplug it and it should be ready to rock.

Turn it on, sit it on your table top and it should blink and chirp when you turn it on and prepare itself. I think is sits there and beeps and flashes a light awaiting your command from the remote control. Pressing 3 i think should start the dance routine. Don't forget the communication is by infrared which means it require line of sight to work properly, its not the more modern wireless technology that transmits through obstacles. It also means sunlight can flood the receiver with broad infrared signals it won't understand, so dont do this outside under sunlight or indoor next to a window or under older incandescent light bulbs as they radiate infrared light too. You might have to change the angle you place the remote to make sure ringo gets a clear signal and make sure the infrared LED on the top end of the remote is not covered (watch your fingers). The remote should work fine from a couple of feet away without problem, just keep pressing the 3 button and moving the remote around, i think ringo blinks its top light green when it sees the signal and starts running the code, it may take a couple of seconds before it starts doing its thing, depends on the setup steps the routine might do.

Alternatively you take the example code, remove everything in the loop() block except the name of say the dance routine, leave the setup and includes intact though. This way you are removing the remote completely, plumgeek wrote thier dance, line following etc examples in a seperate file, all the demo file does is include another file and then monitors for a remote input to then run the appropirate routine. So i think your loop () might only have one line in it with dance(). Validate and upload this to ringo and you dont need the remote he will just dance when you turn him on.

If you can do these things you can narrow down if ringo is as fault, or maybe the remote is faulty, or maybe you arefailing to do something, make sure your cable is properly connected and both rows of pins are straight and properly connected.

Hope this helps you out.

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Re: Wink Robot

Postby Kevin » Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:05 pm

There may be some confusion here between the Wink and Ringo software.

If you have a Wink robot make sure you're using sketches with "wink" in the name and vise versa for Ringo. I know we need to update some things on the website to make this more clear. Will get to that eventually.

If you have an IR version Wink, we have an IR example now posted (it's not pre-loaded on the Wink as not everyone has this option).

Example is here: ...

Supplemental lesson on using the remote is in the archive here: ...

Hope that clears it up. :)

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Re: Wink Robot

Postby wbohmann » Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:32 pm

Thanks Kevin,

As soon as I loaded the IR sketch, everything is now working like a champ. I am really looking forward using it and programming different remote behaviors. Thank you.

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