Anyone heard anything bout RPi Guide?

The more technical aspects of Spirit, and carry-over discussion from Kickstarter updates.
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Anyone heard anything bout RPi Guide?

Postby mbradley » Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:29 am

I have not heard anything in awhile and wanted to start getting into the RPi features and away from the adrino such items.
I know being foolish but I need to have step by step on what to do.. only way for me to do somethings. (personal stuff)

I wanna get to know python and just interacting with RPi with spirit

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Re: Anyone heard anything bout RPi Guide?

Postby TomTheWhittler » Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:25 pm

Kevin commented in the Kickstarter comment section on 12/13/2017 :

"Getting pretty close! Only about 50 units left to ship. The last production batch had lots of little solder errors on it and took forever to clean up. Really trying to get a proper update real soon. I plan to start running the last 50 tops starting tomorrow (just finished inspecting the bottoms, looking MUCH better). That should only take a day or two, then a couple days to inspect, add the through hole parts, load, and test. I'll be in over the weekend to make as much progress as possible. I believe the last of the international units went out yesterday. I'm real hopeful the rest of the US units will arrive by Christmas. Then I'll get the Pi code up. It's written, just need a bit of last minute cleanup then I'll post with notes on use. Then I'll go back and write up a more detailed Getting Started for the Pi. I'm determined to get the Pi code up before Christmas so you'll have your own present to play with. :)"
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