It's alliiiiveeeee

Ringo setup, hardware, basic programming. User to user support.
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It's alliiiiveeeee

Postby giuseppe » Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:49 am

Hello all, this is my first post here, and my first step into programming robots!

I thought I would make a thread where I keep all of my posts in chronological order, a journal of my Ringo adventure. It's not actually alive yet, as I ordered it yesterday and I imagine it will probably be dispatched Monday or sometime thereafter, but I thought it would capture the spirit of Ringo which seems to have a fair bit of character right out of the box. What do you guys think about a subforum to keep threads like this that are ongoing per-project sort of things?

I thought I'd start with a few questions and thoughts that maybe somebody could help me with:

- Would somebody be able to put together a table comparing Ringo and Wink's features?

- I want to experiment with Ringo's sensing a bit, perhaps something like having a ball in it's environment. Ringo might 'test' a (potential) wall when it encounters one: if when Ringo pushes against it, the 'wall' does not move away from Ringo, then it must be a ball, so back up a bit and take a run at it and 'shoot'. Or something to this effect. Is this possible? if ringo can track his location in a fixed environment i could even create a fixed goal and throw the ball in randomly, and have ringo move it to the goal when it is found...

- Taking that further i considered maybe giving Ringo a concept of cubic and cylindrical surfaces and then introducing a sphere and a cube into it's environment and upon discovery, Ringo would determine the shape with a set of tests and report back with an appropriate bleep or light response. or move a paper cube to point A and paper cylinder to point B. etc.

- I'd quite like to work on a control surface for Ringo. I am thinking a Littlebits arduino bit + an IR transmitter bit + various controller bits. for example a fader for each motor on Ringo for tank-like control with variable speed on each side. Maybe use the gyro to stabilise it, recalibrating whenever a heading is held for x time. Is ringo able to recieve IR info from a littlebits piece?

- How much memory does Ringo have?

- I think my first project might be to modify the light-chasing behaviour to adjust Ringo's speed based on the intensity of the light...

- What are the possibilities for extending Ringo? I would really like some kind of sound-sensing device. I would, for example, like to do something like putting ringo on my piano and playing a key, and having it detect the note, respond with a random complimentary note, and dance whilst doing it. making a human-robot collaborative musical performance piece or something. might actually take that to an open mic and film it haha. would be a load of fun with multiple ringos all responding to each other making a song. I'd lock them to a specific musical scale and key or something.

I could still do this by perhaps getting a littlebits midi bit and wiring that to their arduino bit and out to the IR bit. keypress to infrared packets to ringo. I dont actually have all of those littlebits pieces to test with so I guess I'll have to notify stocking filling relatives haha.

There's a lot of fun things i'm thinking about with working with littlebits and infrared interface so if anyone is able to test this, i'd love to know. I appreciate the bundled remote but its a binary on/off button and doesn't really allow for expressive movement. I'd quite like to have a stab at doing the best RC-style proportional control attempt for Ringo. which brings me to another idea I had, and a question it raises.

I was thinking about having ringo be able to check the internet for information, the way I thought to do this was to have him go to an IR port in his little enclosed environment. this is an IR transmitter and reciever wired up to littlebits arduino which is wired to the internet. now i program ringo so that i can ask it one of a predetermined set of questions, and it will go to the IR port, request the information and get the answer and deliver it back to me.
i.e, i flash a torch at ringo and he'll go to the port, find out how many emails are unread from Littlebits via this port, come back to his initial position and chirp X number of times. This depends on: IR comms working how I envision, and, ringo being able to keep track of it's location inside a fixed environment, preferably with dynamic objects like a ball.

- I really hope there's some sort of expansion port, or something sacrificable that I can remove and replace with an expansion port.

- How long does Plumgeek take to deliver? I do hope I can get this before my birthday on the 21st!

- Got some ideas for an installation I might organise at a local gallery with members of the public, a stage and a torch. I'll keep quiet on this one for the minute until I test ringo but I think it could make for a great event and youtube video.

- Over christmas I think my project will be simply to do a custom 'gait' for ringo's movement with it's own character and flavour and produce a number of custom emotes for ringo to express different things.



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Re: It's alliiiiveeeee

Postby cbw060 » Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:33 pm

Wow! are going to be busy! :)
You may find some limitations in what you are asking of Ringo; limited memory and therefore program size. Also, movement repeatability has been an issue ( for me at least). You can see some of my previous posts in trying to move Ringo through a maze and getting repeatable distances. By this I mean, I have a simple function called "Forward(x)", where X is the number of Standard distances to go (set by constant).

I think some of the problem is slippage from the drive shafts on surface; they are very 'fussy' about what surface they will drive on.

Hope you have yours soon and start posting your findings!

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Re: It's alliiiiveeeee

Postby Samrobins101 » Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:48 pm

Wow you're really gonna have your hands full with that!

I'd like to hear how your tests are going so far. More specifically, I'd like to hear if you've gotten The Ringo to respond to sound.

I want to do my own testing. I would like to see if I could get The Ringo to follow/run away from either any sound or specific sounds.

It would be great if you could post the results to your testing! I would like to see what progress you've made!



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