Ringo On/Off Switch Changed?

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Ringo On/Off Switch Changed?

Postby BobA » Tue May 31, 2016 2:48 am

I have just received my new Ringo and I am in the process of setting her up. So exciting! However, I am a little confused by what seems to be a change to the power switch. Instead of the expected slide switch there is a button. Behind the button, the board is also annotated as "OFF". The next button along is annotated with "ON", rather than "Reset" as I had expected. I would just like to confirm: do I turn Ringo on by simply pressing the "ON" button and turn Ringo off by pressing the "OFF" button (seem obvious, I know ;)? How do I know if Ringo is on, are there specific lights that come on? What happened to the "Reset" button and is there still a reset function?



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Re: Ringo On/Off Switch Changed?

Postby Kevin » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:23 pm

Hello Bob,

We just recently updated the hardware to the 3 buttons vs. the previous switch design - still need to update the docs.

You are correct in your observations. A couple quick notes:

1) To turn it on, you need to hold the ON button for about 1/4 second to get the circuit to latch on.
2) You can cause a reset by pressing the ON button again for any length of time
3) It will instantly turn OFF if the OFF button is pressed for any length of time
4) There is no indicator that it is on - we did this to save battery life if you want it to sit inactive for a while. Normally you'd allow the startChirp function inside the setup() function to give you an indication it had turned on. To make sure it's off, just give the OFF button a good press or two and it'll be off.


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