Connected ?

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Connected ?

Postby Swiart » Sun Aug 07, 2016 9:06 am


I use the ringo Bot.

When i connect FTDI, a new port ( Com7 ) appears, so i think that usb ftdi drivers are well installed and that my programmer is reconized ( tell me if i make a mistake )

When i plug ringo+ftdi to usb, ----> Orange Led ON ( charging LED ) ( It's the only led to light )
When i press on OFF butoon ----> Orange led disapear

The only way to have again this orange led is to plug and unplug usb connector.

I always have ' Transfer error message'. Impossible to transfer a program and the tx/rx Led onFtdi are always OFF

I read that ringo must be on ON to transfert programs. How can i know it.
Wich leds on ringo must be on, in order to transfer.

Please help
i'm on for about 5 days and gonna be crazy.

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Re: Connected ?

Postby Kevin » Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:17 pm

Hello Swiart,

To turn on the Ringo, press and hold the center of the three buttons for about 1/2 second. This will power it on. Once this happens, you should be able to upload. Select the COM port as you have done, and also be sure under Tools>Board you have Arduino Fio selected.

The behavior of the charging light sounds normal. I believe it is turning off because the battery is fully charged. When you turn on the robot, this charge drops slightly and it beings to trickle charge again, and when you turn it off, the voltage rebounds just slightly which causes the charging IC to stop charging.

Let me know if that helps but it sounds like you're doing everything correctly.

When you attempt to program, if the programmer is hooked up correctly but for some reason it can't talk to the robot (because it is turned off, etc), you will likely get 3 short blinks of one of the LEDs on the programmer. If you are getting these blinks, then we know it's a communication issue with the robot. If you're not getting any blinks at all, then it is possible an incorrect COM port is selected inside Arduino.

Let me know.


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